IMG_20170409_161023_596 (1)Hey Millennium Moms,

Welcome to my website. Can we talk honestly for a minute?? God blessed us with teeny tiny little angels to love & nourish…and in return our teeny tiny little angels love us unconditionally. And even though there is nothing like a child’s love for their mommy…you still somehow find yourself standing in a unattractive t shirt that you wouldn’t DARE ware before you had kids, maternity pants even though your kid is now what…4!! matted hair just because you don’t have time to brush it let alone wash it…and a blank stare all while asking yourself over and over “how in the world did i get here!!…what time is it?? wheres my other child?? and by the way…what day is it???”

Yep, I know!!! You want to know how I know??? Because Im a MOM!!! Yep, thats right…I have 4 mini me’s (wait!!! 5 mini me’s if you count my Husband…matter of fact…lets count him) that terrorize me on a daily basis…lol…ok maybe not terrorize me but they come pretty close to driving me completely insane.

And so do YOURS!!! so just come to grips, reality whatever you want to call it and admit your ready or pretty close to pulling ALL of your hair out if you haven’t pulled it out already!!! Listen I love my hair and I work very hard to keep it but its not easy.

Actually being a MOM is a very important and very stressful 24/7, 365 days a yr job…with no benefits (not talking about the unconditional love our babies give us…Im talking job benefits) no sick days, no early leave, no paid days off and definitely NO PAID VACATION DAYS!! heck!! I will settle for just a weekend off…ijs.

But yet and still during the insane days, long nights, and unexpected mornings…I wouldn’t trade being a mom in a billion years. I just need a break…thats all!!! lol.

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As a new mom the #momlife can get extremely overwhelming. Managing my household, maintaining my relationship with my husband and trying to meet my expectations of a #supermom all while working caused me to become stressed beyond my imagination. Meca was there when I needed her the most, she listen without judgment, offered advice to help navigate me out of the rut I was in, and was truly down to earth. She’s absolutely extraordinary!

-Kiarra McNeil Stone Mountain, GA

She’s absolutely extraordinary!

Meca inspires me to be myself. I struggled with feeling like I had to be the definition of “The Perfect Mom” but she shows me that its ok to not be perfect…because Perfection is Impossible!

-Kim S. Texas

A life saver

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